Monday, April 11, 2011

Cheesiest Video Game Outros that Never Made It

During lunch break in high school, I occasionally played a video game called "Twisted Metal" on the Sony Playstation II.

A friend posted a photo of an ice-cream truck that reminded me of one of the characters -- "Sweet Tooth." In my struggle to figure out the name of the ice-cream truck-driving character, I somehow stumbled upon these videos.

Their artistic merit is unparalleled; all of the critical elements are present: awful acting and writing, scantly clad females and heavily oiled shirtless drones, spotlights penetrating through mist, guns, and cheesy pitch shift voice effects. All of this deeply resonates with my childhood ideation of what producing movies in Los Angeles in the 80's must have been like. It's almost like I can smell the hairspray, coconut suntan oil, and fog juice.

Hauntingly accurate "singing" voice synthesis software

Read about and listen to Vocaloid Miriam, brought to you by Yamaha.

Choirs are always in need of more tenors, and now you can buy a pitch-perfect one from Zero-G for $150.

I am absolutely blown away by this level of synthesis; the level of sophistication is amazing.